Into each life some rain must fall. When it does, if you own a home or business in Bend you'll be grateful if you've had B&R install gutters for you. Top quality product for function and form, the best quality installation, the nicest and most honorable owners with whom to do business and platinum customer service. It does not get better than this. We used B&R for gutters on two homes here in Bend. We've been in this one for going on ten years and last winter we had our first small gutter problem. Stuff happens. And this had less to do with B&R than an awkward roof tie in design that was the responsibility of the house designer. When we called with our little SOS, no emergency we said but needing work, owner Richard was out the next day to assess the work needing to be done. A day after that, three very nice guys showed up to do the work. Although there was front porch "stuff" in the way for them and landscaping in the mix they were so careful with both that you'd never know, except for the fixed gutter, they'd ever been there. If you've worked with other gutter companies that mangle landscaping as they do their work, you'll know how extraordinary a thing it is to have folks be as careful are the B&R crew. Not to mention how unusual it can be for a business to absolutely stand behind their work as do owners Richard and Jean. Not to mention how delightful it is to have your call taken or immediately returned. As added bonus, Richard is a just darned fun personality. Together he and my hubby have solved many of the local government's problems when bumping into each other at a local market's wine tasting table. Big jobs, small jobs, tricky angles, standard installs, tall projects, they do it all and do it with "A plus" outcome. Every person we know who has used B&R Gutters sings their praises. They won't be the cheapest gutter bid in town. But I'd wager for experience (they've been in Bend since 1978, through boom and bust) and quality outcome they are the best. You get what you pay for and then some. B&R Gutters is the only company my husband and I would consider for this work. Their excellent work and service is how customer loyalty is grown.


Richard, we are happy we chose B&R for our gutters! Thank you for coming out to give our project an assessment. Your four installers were polite and friendly. The communication was good and they took the time initially to understand the scope of the job. They worked quietly (no yelling, cussing =)) and efficiently and they were clean! Lastly, they thanked us for the job which we thought was nice. Sincerely,

~Rebecca & Dean 

Your guys were very professional and prompt. Will definitely do business with you in the future!


Richard: What a 'go getter' crew. I was pleased with their professional work ethics and friendly attitude. Baylee did get a couple of pets is all, then supervised from her spot on the front porch. We will continue to monitor the chain flow and let you know if any adjustments are necessary. By the way, we love the color and the gutters made a drastic improvement to the appearance of our home. It's been a pleasure.

~Len & Nicku