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A: Yes. Not only are we experts in solving specialized commercial problems; we bring the same problem-solving abilities to residential applications.

A: In a word: Protection. You are protecting your siding, your landscaping, your foundation, and even water finding its way into and/or under your home. You are also protecting the future value of your house. In addition to rain, gutters also protect your home from melting snow, especially the heavy, wet kind.

A: Aluminum resists corrosion, conducts heat better than vinyl and steel, expands and contracts more uniformly for the extremes of heat and cold in Central Oregon, and it comes in a wider range of colors.

A gutter machine can form a gutter a thousand feet long. But metal expands and contracts and should typically be installed in continuous lengths under 50 feet. B&R splices longer lengths of gutter, sealing the splice to prevent leaks.

A: It takes more skill, but B&R installation crews miter their own corners on the gutters and downspouts to minimize the number of seams. This reduces leaks and improves the aesthetics. Our standard installation uses no preformed gutter or downspout pieces.

A: Yes. We use wide-body commercial-strength aluminum brackets. These will withstand the weight of ice buildup that can be many times the weight of rainwater. B&R sets flow (making sure water goes in the proper direction) so that the system will function to its fullest capability. Gutters cannot be set flat, and distances longer than 35 feet should have a second downspout.

A: No, but some customers find that it is time well-spent.

  • In a short walk-around, you can tell us about any specific concerns or problem areas, and we can ask about some key decisions that could save you money.
  • Secondly, if your concern is that you will be "talked into" more than you want, the answer is, "No, you won't". We want you to be satisfied; we will be doing the work that you want done.